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Product:  Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella

Material: Alloy Steel

Please refer to the picture

【Heat Reduction and Sun Blocking】Keep your car's interiors cool and comfy. It also prevents fading and cracking your dashboards by effectively blocking out the UV rays and sun’s heat inside your vehicle’s interiors, seats, dashboards, and other electronic devices.

【High-quality appearance】Works just as your regular umbrella, Shades are premium quality with improved high-density UV reflective material, the latest heat reduction technology.

【Quick Installation & Folding】It only takes a few seconds. The car windshield sunshade is easy to pop up and fold back in seconds, very easy to use on a daily basis and an ideal sunshade accessory for your car in the sun. The foldable compact design is contained in an easy-to-release pouch. It is easy to fold and does not take up space in the car. This is different from other traditional car sunshades.

【Multipurpose】The sun blocker umbrella have 10 steel bone shelf and composite peptide coatings, ensuring superior longevity of the shades, strong and durable, which can be used on sunny and rainy days, Very convenient!

【Wide application】Whether you own sedan, a truck, an SUV, a minivan, or even a van, our car sunshade wraps around the windshield and achieves maximum coverage for your vehicle, and provides you with maximum sun protection.

Windshield Sun Shade Umbrella UV Protection

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